About Us

Technomic Asia is a Shanghai based market strategy firm providing leading edge business planning solutions to deliver profitable growth.

With over 30 years of experience in Asia, Technomic has a unique competence to assist companies in their Asian entry and expansion initiatives. Our focus is on profitably growing the revenue line through detailed external research coupled with experienced and objective strategic advice. Technomic Asia focuses on the front end of the strategy development process in strategic market planning which aligns our clients’ competitive advantages to attractive addressable market opportunities.  Technomic Asia provides a rigorous and systematic process to support our clients’ growth strategies in Asia by walking them through the Asia Growth Cycle.

Asian Growth Cycle

Technomic Asia’s market planning services support the development of short and long-term growth goals through a robust assessment of growth potential and the necessary strategy and tactics to exploit it.  The key outcomes of our strategic market planning comprise:

  • A deep quantitative and qualitative understanding of your addressable market potential
  • A clear description of your value proposition to win business within this addressable market
  • A thorough understanding of your relative strengths and limitations versus competition
  • A defined roadmap to get your product or service to the market cost effectively
  • A well-defined sales and marketing plan to cultivate and support market penetration

Technomic Asia provides this market planning support with execution in mind so that successful implementation is assured.