About Us

Technomic Asia is a Shanghai based market strategy firm providing leading edge business planning solutions to deliver profitable growth.

With over 30 years of experience in Asia, Technomic has a unique competence to assist companies in their Asian entry and expansion initiatives. Our focus is on profitably growing the revenue line through detailed external research coupled with experienced and objective strategic advice. We support our clients in the development and early stage execution of their China strategies. Our solutions fall into three linked service areas which enable seamless movement from planning to execution:


  • Assessment of addressable market opportunity based on comprehensive external research at all levels of the value chain to build a strong business case for profitable growth and the optimum strategy to achieve it.
  • Full support in the identification, qualification and culmination of partnership opportunities from contract manufacturing to full acquisition as a means to accelerate market growth and profitability both for China and overseas markets.
  • Support in the early stages of implementation in terms of development of sales pipeline, site selection and strategic sourcing through on-the-ground tactical support and incubation

Technomic Asia’s market planning services support the development of short and long-term growth goals through a robust assessment of growth potential and the necessary strategy and tactics to exploit it. Technomic Asia provides this market planning support with execution in mind so that successful implementation is assured.